The following information is the Rules/guidelines for posting at the threaded Bronze.
This page is designed to help the Newbie fit into the posting community without any problems or aggravation. It is not our intention to police the board or make anyone uncomfortable. Please take this information in the manner with which it was intended, as a tool of help.

Here we go. :)

1) The threaded posting board isn't a chat room because it isn't as fast or private. There will be delays, sometimes several minutes, before your thread gets a reply. The best way to handle that is to post your topic and read through some of the others while you wait for a reply. The way to check and see if you have had replies is to hit the refresh button and look at the numbers beside your thread. If there are no replies, that number will remain at zero. If there are replies, there will be a different number there. To have a conversation, simply click your thread, then click the replies. There is a 'Reply To This Thread' option at the bottom. Click that and you're good to go.

2) Do not use multiple names. People like to get to know you and it's hard to know you if you are several yous. ;) There are IP numbers that indicate who you are. (visable only to the board admin) (an IP number is a set of numbers unique to a computer that the threaded board displays with each post.)

3) Swearing is prohibited. There is no language filter in place here, so restraint is expected from all posters, posts that contain any swearing may be deleted, and the ofending poster may be blocked if he or she continues to do it.

4) Because of the fact that every new post pushes one away, you are only allowed four threads per top 40. That may seem restrictive, but look at it this way. If you posted more than that, you couldn't reply to all the people who were in your thread posting and you would wear yourself out running back and forth. :)

5) Degrading the show is a tricky topic. Certainly, everyone is entitled to an opinion and not all people agree that the show is the best on television, but a poster should always be tactful when they express themselves. Some of the best debates are the ones where the points of the show, good or bad, can be kicked around without personally attacking the poster. Debate away, but excessively bashing a character or poster is considered poor taste. Instead of calling a character stupid or gay, tell us why you dont' like them and give us examples. :)

6) Spoiler warnings are a way of life at the Bronze. You will find adamant spoiler reminders on both boards. Buffy airs in the United States on Tuesdays. Some parts of Canada get it the Sunday before the states and other parts of Canada get in the following Saturday. And many other countrys like Australia and England are as much as half a season or more behind the US. No spoilers should ever be posted in the main subject line of your thread. This is especially true with massive storyline developments like character death or the ending of an episode. This is how Spoiler warnings work:

Name= Jane Doe
Subject=I just saw the episode! SPOILERS!
The message should have the following format:
Whatever you have to say!

7) The admin should be contacted if you encounter a problem poster. You should contact me if you are being personally harassed, stalked or threatened, but not just because you can't get along with a certian person and want them blocked. But remember that if you are being harassed, I want to know about it.
The contact email address is:

8) Because of the colors at the Buffy board, caps are really hard to read. Please avoid that dreaded capslock button when posting. It makes your readers go cross eyed and the world is askew. :)

9) Don't ever post your real name or address on the posting board. It may seem harmless to some people but it can be very dangerous. Cute little screen names and e-mail addresses should be enough for anyone and you won't have anything to fear.

10) Finally, the Bronze is known for being a launching pad for online romance. However, posting cyber sex is really, really a bad idea. You can find things like AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Mirc and yahoo pager for that type of thing and you don't have to worry about prying eyes.

Want some helpful links for other forms of messaging? -- For ICQ, one of the largest messaging devices on the web. -- For AOL Instant Messenger, which is quick, easy and really small. -- For Internet Relay Chat, this is the best device available. -- Free E-mail and a messenger that features a pager. -- For free long distance real time voice talks.



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