Donations has evolved from being a small private board with small group of friends on a free server, to being a large board with a large group of people on a large paid server in only a few short years. A board that once had only a small amount of traffic now has hundreds of posts a day, and in January 2002 received over a million hits!
Last year when the original board started running out of room, a small group of people volunteered to donate money to move to a new larger faster paid server, which is now known as Since then things have gone pretty well, in fact almost too well, with the site at times is generating more traffic than is allotted by the server company for the plan that was originally paid for, meaning excess bandwidth fees had to be paid for, increasing the costs to run the board.

In an effort to make sure that the future of is sound, and that this site and it's boards will carry on forever, a new system has been started to make sure that the site will have enough funds to pay for it's future and any improvements that may be needed. What this means is that this site needs donations to run, and this page is here to tell you how you can donate to help keep this site alive.

Upon looking into various methods to collect donations, with costs and ease of payment being considered, Paypal has show to be the most cost effective, and it will also be the easiest when it comes to forwarding on money to pay for the various needs of the site.
With the Paypal system it will allow even small donations to be made, with minimal cost and ease, allowing most people to be able to make an affordable and beneficial donation to help keep this site alive.
How much you do donate is up to you, but any donation of $2 or over will be greatly appreciated and can contribute to making sure you always have a place to go to talk about your favourite shows with all your favourite friends.


Click this link to make your donation


If you do not have a paypal account, you can click the link below to create one if you wish, all you need is a credit card or an American bank account, but if you do not want to, or cannot create an account for any reason, e-mail me at and I can give you the name of someone locally that you can send your donation to who can make a paypal donation on your behalf, or if you wish you can send the money to someone you know who has a paypal account.


Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


You may be asking yourself why donations? why not just have ads and sponsors?
Well, I have a very strong feelings about there being ads on the net, I have always believed that ads are ruining the internet and turning it into one big commercial, and I hate that. I believe that sites like this one should always be ad free, meaning no banner ads, and no popups. People should be able to hang out somewhere where they won't have ads in their faces all the time.
So as long as I'm the webmaster here, there will never be any ads on this site.